You may be aware that TalentBurst is one of the few leading companies that offers High-Risk Payroll as one of their services, but you wouldn’t be alone if you weren’t completely sure what the service is or how it works.
TalentBurst’s Founder and CEO sat down with Jim Coughlin at the VMSA Network to give a brief overview of what High-Risk / High Hazard Payroll is and how it works.
And if you stick around until the end, you’ll find out the one person Brad would love to have dinner with.

Brad Talwar High-Hazard Payroll Interview
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Unable to watch the video right now? No problem – we’ve included a quick summary below:
TalentBurst’s High-Risk / High-Hazard payroll service exists for enterprises that deal with environments that have a higher risk of workplace accidents. This can range from warehouses that deal with toxic chemicals to laboratories that work with blood-borne pathogens. Workplace accidents that occur in these types of facilities can create a larger problem for the company as well as the employee if they are not correctly setup. That’s where TalentBurst comes in.
TalentBurst takes on the payroll for the company and incorporates a 3-step process to ensure that any accidents that may take place don’t adversely affect the company, and more importantly the employee is taken care of quickly and with the best possible care.

  • Step 1: TalentBurst works closely with the enterprise to correctly code every worker under TalentBurst’s insurance. Without the right NCCI codes, an insurance company can deny a claim.
  • Step 2: A fully-documented claim intake process. In the case of a workplace injury, a full-investigation is completed within 24 hours to ensure that all the proper documentation is handed over to the insurance company. TalentBurst then ensures the employee receives short and longterm care if necessary.
  • Step 3: After a claim has been closed, TalentBurst assists in further training the client and their employees on future prevention and safety. Training is provided and a comprehensive plan is put in place to avoid further injuries and incidents.

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