There are a few things we usually associate with startups: bold ideas, innovation, disruption, bleeding edge tech, and of course, San Francisco. Most of the insanely great “why didn’t I think of that” ideas are coming out of the startup culture, and most of that exciting culture is located right here in the City by the Bay.
That’s why we’re excited to announce our new division here at Talentburst; one that focuses on providing the most amazing, cutting edge talent to startups here in the Bay Area. Startups need a fantastic, original Big Idea — but they also need top-notch talent that will support that idea and bring it to fruition.
photo-1428341751458-3c844056bc0fAnd top-notch talent is what we are focusing on in our new UI/UX, Creative, Digital Marketing, and Mobile division. Located on Market Street in the heart of the tech industry, TalentBurst has always had its finger on the pulse of tech. We believe that this new division will make it easier for startups and medium size companies to have access to high-caliber talent so that they can focus on getting their idea to market.
We’re extremely proud of the company we keep and we know that TalentBurst has a reputation for providing the best quality talent in the business. We’re excited to bolster that reputation by working with the next giant success.
If that sounds like you and your company, and are looking for people to take your idea to the next level, contact our UI/UX, Creative, Digital Marketing, and Mobile Account Manager – Eddie Barajas. We have an amazing network of talent that goes through the same rigorous process that TalentBurst uses for all its candidates.
Bring your Big Idea to realization with TalentBurst’s new San Francisco division! If you have stellar UI/UX, Creative, Digital Marketing or Mobile experience and you want to work with the hottest startups, submit your resume here.

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