As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, commerce changed dramatically. Brick-and-mortar stores closed during lockdowns creating a boom in e-commerce, warehousing, shipping, and delivery models. Logistics enjoyed a tremendous renaissance and industrial jobs are now on the rise. There is a dire need for warehouse and distribution workers to support the high demands in companies like UPS, Amazon, and other similar companies in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Hiring managers at these companies share the same challenges in filling their open positions. They often find themselves stuck between the need for qualified talent and needing them in accelerated time frames. The first struggle is identifying them, followed by the need to pay them quickly and accurately. So how can managers easily navigate through the hiring process that results in a fully compliant and positive candidate experience?

WillHire has developed tools that help clients in shift-based and high-hazard environments attract talent from more than 2,000 diverse organic and talent traction channels that include job boards, social media networks, and deeper niche skill networks. The platform leverages a client’s employer brand, fosters engagement, and curates the candidate pool based on a client’s requisition or need.

WillHire has recently released their new app, WillHire OnDemand which focuses on the on-demand shift worker sourcing and management. It leverages an intuitive user-interface powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling enterprises to fill shifts in less than eight minutes. For companies in industrial or high-risk industries, this direct-sourcing solution is a lifesaver because the need for finding the right skilled workers quickly is paramount to meeting your business needs. TalentBurst completes the solution with our High Hazard Payroll offering.

Misclassification of payroll has remained one of the most common, and one of the most expensive, kinds of Workers Compensation overcharges facing employers. In the rush to onboard workers, many companies often assign class codes they’re familiar with, but which may not be appropriate for this talent. Simply stated, payroll misclassification occurs because the insurance industry makes the rules regarding Workers Comp classifications complicated, leading to costly errors for those unfamiliar with the system.

For this reason, WillHire and TalentBurst have partnered to offer a comprehensive and innovative service with complete risk-mitigation hardcoded into its DNA. By working together, we can boost the value to our customers.

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