We’re proud to announce that the TalentBurst team has once again been recognized as one of the top suppliers of contingent workforce in the country. The ZeroChaos Proven Performer award is only given to the companies that consistently rank amongst the highest percentile in providing talent quality, program compliance and customer service.

“Suppliers are a critical component to delivering qualified talent, and the Performance Excellence Program expands our supplier engagement efforts to further ensure their success,” says ZeroChaos CEO Michael Werblun. “Through the ZeroChaos Proven Performers designation, we applaud those organizations that consistently deliver results.”

TalentBurst has been chosen as a Proven Performer for the second year in a row, an honor only about half of this year’s recipients share. TalentBurst’s total commitment to bringing the best people the best jobs is backed by the most amazing team in the industry. Our team’s commitment to quality talent delivery is reflected in the talent that they possess themselves. The success that they bring to our clients is built on the back of hard work and dedication, to themselves and to TalentBurst.

TalentBurst’s award-winning success and recognition is just one more way that we are showing our clients and our talent that we are always pushing to be the best, and that hard work benefits everyone involved with TalentBurst.

“We have the best team in the industry, and being chosen as a Proven Performer for the second year in a row reflects the hard work and dedication that they put in everyday,” says Brad Talwar, TalentBurst CEO. “We look forward to our continuing partnership with ZeroChaos and I want to congratulate the team on a job well done.”

Congratulations, Talentburst team!

Sonkika Sardana
Nitish Nanda
Kashif Abidi
Manish Rai Nigam
Tajinder Kaur
Noor Baig
Vignesh Iyer

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