What an amazing year!

As a company, TalentBurst has always valued looking forward rather than backward. Keeping our eyes toward the future is how we’ve been able to innovate and become leaders in staffing, high-hazard payroll, the gig economy, employer of record services and other emerging businesses since TalentBurst was started in 2002.

However, we also know that it’s important to take a look back at the year that has passed, and make sure that you have more checks in the “Wins” column rather than the “Losses.”

We are happy to say that we can chalk up 2019 as big “W” for TalentBurst, our internal technical team continued to innovate and we are now able to process “instant payroll” for our employees. TalentBurst is among the first companies in the staffing industry to offer this payment option to all contractors.

Over the course of the year, we added over 30 new Fortune 500 customers to our list of valued customers. TalentBurst now works with almost a quarter of the Fortune 500. Our COO led our technical innovation by implementing and rolling out 7 new software products internally including Netsuite, Slack, Freshdesk, among several others. These technologies helped us build out the most advanced tech stack for our staffing, employer of record and high hazard payroll customers. 

We hope that our wins in 2019 will be directly responsible for our continued success in 2020 and beyond. 

Namrata Anand makes SIA “Global Power 150 Women In Staffing” List

Our Senior VP Namrata Anand was recognized by the Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the top leaders in staffing. We already knew that, of course, but we were thrilled when SIA announced it, and it couldn’t go to a more deserving person.

Namrata’s unmatched work ethic means she is involved with a lot of different projects around TalentBurst. Here she is specifically talking about our relationship with PROUnlimited, one of our valued MSP partners.

Awarded Supplier Of The Year by the The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council

We were awarded Supplier Of The Year by the The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council and this award from the GNEMSDC represents our commitment to running a company that supplies quality talent to our clients, amazing jobs to our jobseekers, and revenue and infrastructure to the Greater New England area.

Workforce Logiq Proven Performer Award

For the 4th year in a row, we were awarded the Proven Performer Award from Workforce Logiq. We’ve always valued our partnership with Workforce Logiq, and for them to recognize us for the 4th year running as a top provider of talent reminds us of the excellent work that our client team puts in everyday!

Uber Launches Gig Economy Job App Alongside TalentBurst

The gig economy is here to stay and TalentBurst is excited to be innovating in this brand new space with and industry leader like Uber. Uber launched their UberWorks Industrial Staffing app for their worker populations in Chicago. Not only are we happy to be part of a successful launch of a truly innovative product by a titan of the industry, we’re also happy that we can finally talk about the project and publically congratulate our staff that worked so hard to streamline the onboarding and management of Uber’s contingent workers.

TalentBurst’s 17 Year Anniversary!

We’d say something like “we can’t believe that it has already been 17 years” except that it is now 2020, and soon we will be celebrating our 18th year!

Allegis Global Solutions 2019 Strategic Partner

We celebrated with Allegis Global Solutions, when once again recognized TalentBurst as part of the top 1% of suppliers and partners for contingent workforce. Jamie Jacobs — our Director of Strategic Partnerships — said it best:

“We don’t pursue awards as a goal, but when you work with such an amazing and dedicated team the recognition that comes with awards like these serves as a validation of everyone’s hard work. Congratulations, TalentBurst team! And big thanks to Allegis Global Solutions for being an excellent partner year after year.”

From our TalentBurst LInkedIn

8 Years As A PROUnlimited Gold Supplier

We are amazed and grateful for 8 amazing years with PROUnlimited, and being awarded a Gold Supplier award once again reaffirms that when we find a good partner, we work hard to keep that partner.

Stronger every year – we look forward to 8 more with PROUnlimited!

TalentBurst Becomes A Coupa Software Advantage Supplier

2019 was the year we became a Coupa Software Advantage Supplier. As a Coupa supplier, TalentBurst becomes a flagship provider of staff augmentation, high-hazard payrolling, global payrolling, and independent contractor qualification solutions to over 900 enterprise customers in the Coupa ecosystem.

More amazing jobs for more people, which is and always will be a top priority for TalentBurst.

We are looking forward to even more successful partnerships as we boldly move forward into 2020! It’s an exciting time and things happen fast, which is why we are so glad to work with the best of the best.

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