What does it take to gain total control over your contingent labor and contract talent in the era of the gig economy? Let’s go through a quick list:

  1. Knowledge of the ins and outs of taxes, workers’ compensation policies and insurance codes for every state in which you place contingent labor.
  2. A process that incorporates this knowledge into a smooth and easy on-boarding for worker populations that are in a constant state of flux.
  3. Worldwide offices that put your company in closer proximity to your biggest pools of contingent labor.
  4. A background in staffing emerging industries, high-hazard workplaces and gig-economy companies such as Uber.

TalentBurst is the leader in finding and maintaining contingent workers in the gig-economy. With our staffing knowledge behind us, we’ve built our Total Talent Management system that puts the complete power of the gig economy behind your workforce.

TalentBurst is an award winning provider of Total Talent Management Solutions. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and have offices in Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto and Gurgaon, India.

Let’s talk and see what TalentBurst can do for you.