heathersilveyWe are starting a new series that focuses on meeting the people that make up TalentBurst. First up is Heather Silvey — she’s a recruiter who’s been working at TalentBurst for just under 2 years. She started her recruiting career here, where she was trained by Dave Singh to become the recruiting machine that she is today:
What recruiting space do you focus on at TalentBurst?
I handle pretty much everything with the exception of engineering and highly-technical roles. My focus is more on the client than a specific business unit. One of my favorite areas to support is project management because the skill set can vary widely depending on the project.
What do you think are the most exciting things happening in these spaces?
One of the most exciting things I get to work on is our VR positions. Specifically the User Researcher positions, because they are centered around the most cutting edge VR product yet. I am fortunate to support companies that are leading their industry because I get to have inside information about what is coming up next, new products, business moves, acquisitions, etc.
Where do you see TalentBurst in 5 years?
I can only see growth for TalentBurst over the next 5 years. Since I have started, the San Francisco office alone has grown over 50% and we have added an office in Canada along with a new office in India. Another exciting advancement is the start of our UI/UX, Creative, and Digital Marketing division. With all that happening in under two years I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in five more. I imagine we will find our way into the few tech giants that we aren’t already supporting, expand the business to high growth, innovative starts ups, and grow our employee base.
What do you think is the most important thing for a candidate to do while looking for a job?One of the most important things is to find the right cultural fit. So many times I meet candidates that are looking elsewhere for employment because the culture they are in just doesn’t work for them. Partnering with a knowledgeable recruiter can provide insight into the company culture and help them evaluate their fit. We know our clients and their culture inside and out. Aside from core skill set, cultural fit is one of the most important things needed to excel in a position.
How do you think a candidate can stand out in the field of other applicants for a job? 
One of the best advantages a candidate can give themselves is to effectively prepare for interviews. It can be difficult to know what to research about a large company. At TalentBurst we pride ourselves in knowing our clients and their business. This allows up to prepare candidates by providing insight into how the team operates, how they interact with the rest of the organization, upcoming projects and products, etc. In most cases we work with the same hiring managers time and time again and that history provides us with information about likes and dislikes they have in candidates, their interview styles, etc. We use this knowledge to point candidates in the right direction for research and focus on key points of their experience that will be most beneficial attractive to the team.
Are there any specific areas that you see a lot of growth in? How can a candidate get ahead in these areas?
Growth is an understatement in all areas of the tech industry right now. If you are looking to get into the industry or accelerate your career, getting in the contract side of things is the way to go. Even in a hot employment market like today, hiring cycles for direct hire positions are long and grueling. On the flip side, contract positions typically have a relatively quick hiring cycle. Once you get into the company you have an opportunity to learn, grow, and show your worth to the team. The experience gained working at a fast paced, industry leading company is unparalleled and many contractors get converted to permanent employees. Candidates that are confident in their skills and motivated to develop them further benefit greatly from contracting in the tech industry.
When you aren’t working, what are you doing?
When I am not working you can usually find me wine tasting and taking trips to Lake Tahoe with friends and family.
Thanks, Heather! We’ll be featuring different people from TalentBurst over the next few months. If there are any questions you’d like to ask, please leave them in the comments below.
You can connect with Heather directly on LinkedIn and if you are interested in working in the type of high-tech careers that Heather recruits for, contact TalentBurst today!
Image Credit: Kevin Pack

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