If you are trying to find a job in the tech industry – where do you focus, and how do you stay on the cutting edge? We talked to TalentBurst recruiter Alan Barrios about the tech sectors that are growing and how you can get in on the job opportunities they are creating.
What recruiting space do you focus on at TalentBurst?
I work in the Technology Industry. I know that’s broad so to be more specific I would say I focus in the Digital Media and Cloud Computing space. With the recent acquisition of a new account I would add Cybersecurity in there as well. Within these spaces I work all types of jobs (Finance, Marketing, IT, Admin) with the exception of Sales and Developer roles.
What do you think are the most exciting things happening in and around the Technology Industry?
I find the Cloud Computing space to be exciting. Companies such as Salesforce are leading the charge and have really changed the landscape that businesses are operating in. It’s really improved their chances for success. 
What do you think is the most important thing for a candidate to do while looking for a job?
I think it’s important for candidates to lean on their network and to not be afraid to let people know that they are looking for a job. I can personally attest to this because if it wasn’t for a personal referral, I wouldn’t be at TalentBurst today.
Another point I would suggest is that they should not shun contract opportunities. They can be a career-changing opportunity for any individual who is willing to take them on.
How do you think a candidate can stand out in the field of other applicants for a specific job?
I believe hard skills are a strong way to stand out.  Most jobs require some level of technical skills whether it be Excel, Salesforce, or other software.
If a candidate has exposure to these tools and they have some listed on their resume then they will get a stronger consideration then if they didn’t. If they don’t have any working knowledge there are plenty of online tools such as Udacity, Udemy and Coursera that can help candidates be brought up to speed. I’d look into.
Are there any specific areas that you are seeing a lot of growth in? How can a candidate get ahead in these areas?
Big Data and Data Science is an area that is experiencing tremendous growth. The demand for people in this field is huge. The best I could advise someone looking to break into this space would be to bring their commitment and grit since the programs and training required for this field is no joke.  If they are willing to do so however, they will be rewarded with many open doors.
Where do you see the Technology Industry in the next five years? If a candidate is looking to get ahead of the curve, what should they focus on?
I can’t really speak to the entire industry but I can say that for candidates looking to work with TalentBurst — expect us to be on more and more accounts. Leveraging our success with our current accounts we will continue expanding our client base. More clients mean that we will be better-suited to help place a candidate in their dream job.
When you aren’t working, what are you doing?
On my free time I enjoy reading and lifting. Additionally, I like practicing on the Guitar.

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