TalentBurst is a company that prides itself in being innovative in the high-tech recruiting fields, so when someone takes notice, we like to share that. Our COO Baljit ‘Brian’ Gill was interviewed in an article for CIO Review, a magazine focused on enterprise solutions in the tech sector. Brian talked about some of the things that TalentBurst does that we think should be standard in the industry, such as 24 hour support and an ever-growing network that allows clients to receive the the top talent as quickly as possible.

“Our delivery/recruiting process is the key to our success and probably the reason our clients love working with us and refer us to their counterparts.”

Brian also talked about how TalentBurst embraced MSP’s from the start, which has positioned us to be able to stay a step ahead of other staffing companies when it comes to the speed of delivery and the quality of talent. “We recognized the way the market was moving and instead of fighting, we worked with the change. VMS/MSP business is all about knowledge, speed and accuracy – all weighed equally.”
Because we work on the cutting edge of staffing and recruiting, we find it interesting when others find this approach as innovative and inventive. We simply believe in using the best tools and the best people to find the same for our clients.
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