Fifty years ago, your path was pretty clear once you left high school or college: find a good job and stick with it until you retire. The proverbial gold-watch would be presented with you at retirement; fifty years of hard-work paid off by a nice pension and retirement package.
It’s a little different now that the world is moving at a pace much faster than before. Technologies change, companies startup (and shutdown) overnight, and your career can change directions multiple times before you even have time to think about retirement.
Luckily the way companies employ talent has changed as well. Contracting is now a viable way to work “full-time” for companies and grow your career without being hired on as a permanent employee. Here are five advantages to contract work that you may not have thought of:
1. Compensation
Tech contract workers can make twice the salary of a similar permanent position, sometimes even more. This is because the company your working for doesn’t have to absorb the costs of hiring, training, and providing benefits for a full-time employee when they hire contract. They get high quality work without expensive onboarding. Does that mean you end up paying for your benefits? Not necessarily.
2. Benefits
Benefits aren’t just for full-time employees. Most staffing companies provide benefits that match or exceed ones you’d receive if you were a permanent employee. You can get an idea of the excellent benefits staffing companies provide by looking at the benefits TalentBurst provides
3. Job Variation
Staying in one place can not only make you complacent, but it can also stunt your growth in your field. Doing variations on your job at different employers let’s you use new tools, concepts, and keeps you challenged so you can keep up on your discipline. Plus: you get to do all this while getting paid.
4. Marketability
Gone are the days where a resume full of smaller job engagements reflects poorly on you. Now, it shows the opposite: you are someone who is constantly looking for new work and a lot of companies found you hire-able. Want to make the jump to full-time? 90% of contract workers said that temporary work made them more employable.
5. Time Flexibility
Contract work is great if you are in a situation that requires a more flexible schedule. While a lot of contract work can stick with a regular workday schedule, there is plenty of work out there that allows you to have more control over your day-to-day work. You get paid for the work you get done, even if you are working at midnight because you didn’t want to miss your kid’s soccer championship.

Staffing companies offer something to the tech industry that wasn’t available even a few years ago: the opportunity to have a singular career with a lot of different companies. Whatever path you choose, companies like TalentBurst are there to help facilitate your career by finding you job opportunities and providing the support once you are placed.
Want to discuss the advantages of both full-time permanent placement and contract work? Contact TalentBurst today!

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