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TalentBurst is a provider of Clinical Trials, FDA Validation, Regulatory Compliance, and R&D solutions to the Life Sciences, Pharma and Medical Devices industries. We draw upon a broad portfolio of strategic consulting, program and product management and industry leading risk mitigation solutions.

Paired with our High Hazard Payroll Solutions, we provide a complete set of solutions to your Life Science-based company.

We Are Experts in the Niche of Life Science Staffing

Consolidate Human Resources

Insurance, HR training, payroll, accounting and compliance are all taken care of by TalentBurst. This frees up your resources to focus on growing your business instead of managing HR.

Mitigate Risk

Making sure each of your contract worker's are correctly insured and compliant with tax and regulatory agencies means your company isn't at risk of dealing with denied worker's compensation claims, tax troubles or worker downtime.

Simplify Onboarding

Hiring and maintaining a workforce can be costly, time-consuming and complicated. TalentBurst streamlines your on-boarding and hiring practices so you don't have to worry about getting your workforce up to speed.

Peace of Mind

TalentBurst is the leading Employer of Record and experts in high hazard / high risk payroll services. You can be confident that your employees and your business is being handled by Employer of Record experts.

Staffing Expertise in Life Sciences

Clinical Data Management
Drug Safety/ Pharmacovigilance
Clinical Programming
Quality Control
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance
Systems & Process Validation
Scientific Research
Study Management

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