When it comes to comparing salaries across the United States for tech jobs, one place skews the data so much that there really isn’t a comparison: The San Francisco Bay Area a.k.a. Silicon Valley.
Since the ’70s, Silicon Valley has been a hub for high-tech industry jobs. Before the relatively current internet startup culture, it was responsible for the the actual beginning of the internet. So it makes sense that the concentration of tech jobs is where it all started. But how are these companies consistently able to offer more for top tech talent?
A few reasons. First off, the demand for these type of technology positions are rising everywhere, not just Silicon Valley. But because the region has a rich legacy in fostering companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, there are more investors willing to bank on a startup becoming the next Uber if they are literally right next door to Uber. This creates a giant pool of money that allows companies to pay a premium price for premium talent.
Straight cash isn’t the only carrot on the stick that’s being dangled in front of tech talent across the country. Stock options and other bonuses are putting the total compensation packages way ahead of what other regions can offer. For instance, a Cloud Engineer in the Bay Area can make three times as much as one in other regions.
This doesn’t mean that a subtle shift isn’t being felt. Smaller cities like Austin and Portland are becoming satellite tech hubs, where a company may see their dollar go further than in San Francisco. However, that dollar is going further because of smaller salaries and a lower cost of living. The trade-off has been enough for some companies and SF talent, but the majority of top-dollar talent remain firmly planted in the Bay Area.
So what does this mean if you are looking to maximize your salary with a job in big data? Dollar for dollar, the Bay Area will pay you more because they have the positions and the capital to offer you a higher compensation package. That also means that tech recruiting firms will have more opportunities for you if you’re willing to relocate to the Bay Area.
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