Employer of Record Services

Do you need an Employer of Record?

If your company works with a large array of multiple contractors, contingent workers and 1099/IC employees, you should be using an Employer of Record for your payroll and benefits management.

An Employer of Record like TalentBurst manages all the payroll of your contract workforce along with the entire range of benefits, FMLA, FSLA, ACA mandated health benefits, and sick time. As your single Employer of Record (EOR), TalentBurst is responsible for making sure that your workforce is compliant with all regulatory agencies, and will handle any claims that may come up within your worker populations.

Partnering With TalentBurst Mitigates Your Risk

Consolidate Human Resources

Insurance, HR training, payroll, accounting and compliance are all taken care of by TalentBurst. This frees up your resources to focus on growing your business instead of managing HR.

Mitigate Risk

Making sure each of your contract worker's are correctly insured and compliant with tax and regulatory agencies means your company isn't at risk of dealing with denied worker's compensation claims, tax troubles or worker downtime.

Simplify Onboarding

Hiring and maintaining a workforce can be costly, time-consuming and complicated. TalentBurst streamlines your on-boarding and hiring practices so you don't have to worry about getting your workforce up to speed.

Peace of Mind

TalentBurst is the leading Employer of Record and experts in high hazard / high risk payroll services. You can be confident that your employees and your business is being handled by Employer of Record experts.

Your Risk Profile

t can be time-consuming and complicated to make sure that each of these worker populations are correctly categorized and fall within NCCI compliance guidelines. TalentBurst is the industry leader in High Hazard Payroll and Employer of Record Services and is the foremost authority in handling and managing medium to high risk worker populations.

If you employ workers in the following categories, please contact us: 

Janitorial Staff
Cooks, chefs, and cafeteria and kitchen workers
Fork Lift Operators
Heavy Machinery Operators
CDL Trucks and Delivery Drivers
Material Handlers
Data Center Technicians
Lab and Clinical Trials technicians
Marketing and Creative
Animal Handlers
Any 1099 or Independent Contractors (ICs)

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