We’re coming up on a new year, which is usually the time of year that most of us try to make some sort of life change and stick with it for (at least) the next 12 months. These resolutions most commonly have to do with going to the gym, quitting a bad habit, or changing a job or career.
Unfortunately, these New Year’s resolutions don’t usually last, with only about 8% of people keeping those resolutions past January. The problem with waiting for a day like the 1st of January for a big change is that the impetus for that change is tied to a specific day, rather than something that will actually motivate you to keep the resolution.
TalentBurst wants to help change that. While we can’t motivate you to get the gym or cut back on snacks, we can help you get into a new job that might just change your perspective on everything – leading you to a healthier, happier, more lucrative 2018!
So instead of waiting for January to start the job hunt, let’s start together right now.
Yes, right now is the perfect time to start the job hunt. Bookmark this post, ask Siri to start a list, or write this down on an old fashioned piece of paper. Here are the 5 steps you need to take to get ahead of everyone else that will be looking for a new job opportunity come January.

1. Update your Resume and your LinkedIn Profile

This is your first step and the most essential thing to get you motivated. If you’ve been with your current job for a while, chances are you haven’t touched your resume or LinkedIn profile since you started. Updating your “paper” resume is essential, and you should always have it ready to send off to a potential hiring company. Once it is updated, save it to a PDF and email it to yourself, save it to DropBox or Google Drive, and keep it on a thumbdrive.
LinkedIn is also important to keep updated. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, this is essential and you should be doing this right now. If you are currently on LinkedIn and you are worried about profile updates being visible to your current employer, change your privacy settings so that these changes won’t be broadcast to a public feed. Keeping this profile current is good practice, even if you are happy in your current job.

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2. Contact a TalentBurst Recruiter

Now that you have your resume and online profile up-to-date, you can let a recruiter know that you are open to new opportunities. Contacting a TalentBurst recruiter gets the ball rolling so they can find out what your qualifications are, what type of job you are looking for, and where you are willing to travel. TalentBurst recruiters can also look at your newly updated resume and make qualified suggestions based on their knowledge of what companies are looking for.

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3. Follow Companies on Social Media

We all have Facebook (and if you didn’t before, you now have a LinkedIn account). Start following companies that work in the fields you are interested in. Even if you aren’t looking for a specific job with that company, they may have insights or connections that will pop up on your social feed while you are killing time on Facebook. Seek out the groups on LinkedIn that are specific to the type of work you are looking for — the more connections you make the more informed you will be on your job hunt.

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4. Keep at it Everyday

Make your job hunt part of your daily routine. At breakfast, check in with your TalentBurst recruiter or take a quick scroll through LinkedIn or Facebook company pages that you are following. A new job won’t happen overnight, but keeping the momentum going everyday will make it happen much quicker. This is the important step that keeps you from falling into the 92% of people that don’t follow through on their resolutions.

5. Be Open to New Opportunities

This last one can seem daunting, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t ready to take the leap into something new. Your next position won’t be exactly the same as the one you have now, but that’s how you grow in your career. When a new job opportunity comes up, be sure to look at it from as many different perspectives as possible. Even if a position doesn’t feel like a 100% match, go on the interview anyway. You never know what you’ll learn about the job or who you will meet. No matter what happens on the job search, use it as a learning experience and open yourself up to the opportunities you may have overlooked in the past.
Don’t wait until after the holidays to start your job search. These 5 steps are an easy way to get yourself motivated to change your job and boost your career. We are rooting for you!

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